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Episode 54: No Offense, Weenoid

Bonko and The Mongoose hoop it up chill style! Vacation talk, Trump talk, drugz talk, Shawn's naked phase, the ocean is our enemy, haunted hotels, Mothman, Danny apologizes to the listeners, Danny is a buzzkill and a hater of art, “no offense”, Feedback, we get a movie suggestion that we looked up and it's a gross movie so we're not gonna watch it, Danny recaps Neve Campbell's Scream, fishin' talk, Shawn went to a rock and roll show he saw, Shawn apologizes to the listeners, Shawn finds the default Verizon Android text tone annoying and thinks it makes for good show content, Danny shares some public access gems, bloated bodies, Shawn educates Danny on Star Trek, we cover Queer Eye season 2, another Stuniverse haiku hosted by Stu Charno!

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