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Episode 103: She Said Yes

Danny Fastpaws' cousin Buddy Fastpaws comes by the show and Shawn learns a lot about himself! / Danny and Shawn play “Podcast!? I Thought You Said BODcast: The Return” / Shawn thinks his Facebook friends are very stupid people / Shawn finally saw The Blair Witch Project / Lotta video game talk E3's Game Gorner XL!! / Shawn is kinda over Pokémon!? / Shawn started sculpting and it was a fantastic experience but Danny doesn't like what Shawn made so fuck Shawn I guess / Shawn lends his fantastic voice acting skills to anyone who is making a video game / Video Roulette / A woman who hates farters FARTS!? / Big Man From Brooklyn: The Voice of the People / Monster Trucks / Sgt. Slaughter / Sgt. Dave / Polos is Life

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