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Episode 104: JK R.I.P.

It's been an off week! / Tire trouble / Shawn and Danny figure out what happens to the show when one of us dies / Danny old man gripes about how many letters are in “LGBTQA” / Shawn's punishment cover photo is finally chosen (thanks Imps!!♥) / Danny's feelin' the “podfade” and did not prepare anything for the show so he gathered a bunch of our old show notes and keeps reading from them / Somebody Quiz Me: What's Your Disney Spirit Animal? - but Danny's foul mood ruins the whole bit and upsets poor Shawn / Shawn's Green Hot Cake: Enough with the Keanu Reeves fanfare, sheeple! / Danny hated Shawn's new jacket that he was so excited about / The new Pokémon, Impidimp, is the official HWOK PKMN! / Scary Stories to Tell in the Pod / Shawn watches some scary videos AKA great audio!! / JUMP SCARE!!!! / Evan/Ethan calls in with a true life scary story!! / Shawn and Danny share our “Shadow People” stories again / Creepy voicemails / Heathcliff Cartoonist Peter Gallagher calls in!

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Episode 29: Tapestry of Madness

Comedian Ryan Singer joins BT and V for our most incoherent episode yet! Rich Little, Little Richard, lying, the great fall, Hollywood sex criminals, Flowerama, country music, improv, The Wonderland Express, Greg Nichols, Lowes, LA talk, The Ranch, Shawn gets judgy about people who belive in the paranormal, aliens, UFOs, bigfoot, reptilians, vampires, wolfman, shadow people, Charlie Brown, djinn, pukwudgie, Free Masons

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