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Episode 111: The Exorcism of Jonathan Van Ness

Shawn and Danny get into the Dayton Ohio mass shooting / Cable access “Halloween Spooktacular” preparations are underway! / Tweet Text: Neil deGrasse Tyson super sucks / Shawn fights people on Facebook / Shawn is a poor communicator :( / Shawn is okay mentally / Danny cracked the code of rebellion / Mom call / Shawn gets a nice gift from listener Cubby! / Night time sky fires / Silly Storiez / Shawn got scammed by a Worm Witch / Urinal troublez / Shawn goes downtown / Spooky Stories to Tell in the Pod / James Barbuchie's Fact Check! / Clearing up Brutus "The Barber" Beefcake / The Riddle Master challenges the halfwayokay Mystery Solving Society (HMSS)

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Episode 34: The Howling Festival

Tony Wartinger joins the silly times and we COVER IT ALL!! Tide Pods, Dan Marino, Yelp, incantations, the Great Wolf All Mother: Queens of Fangs, the Howling Festival, Kid Blitzers Megaphonez, howling, the numbers are low, introducing the new crazy HWOK reoccurring character “Hargle Craghammer, fantasy, Empty Nest, Etsy, Hargle's Bargles, car window woman, car guns, car ants, Doctor Who, Johnny England, British TV, Predator of Prey, City of Heroes, car accidents, Ford Focus, war, Stuniverse, Ellen, Cream Pies, Bill's Donuts, Centerville, Ohio, bomb threats, vore, Living Dayton, Batman talk

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