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Episode 55: Ashton Kutcher Apologist

Shawn and Danny spend 5 minutes troubleshooting an audio issue that's slowly driving Shawn to lose is mind. We thought it was funny to keep it in. It's okay. It's the WORST time to start watching Handmaid's Tale! If you're not jacked in, you're nothing, Shawn is a workplace hero, Pokémon Quest is a dumb, they're trying to push Eevee on us as a starter Pokémon and its bullshit, Toys R Us closure, Shawn wants to get into Skylanders, Danny has an awful customer service experience at a local book store, do we have any non-white listeners?, Danny's war on blondes, Tony bailed!, we get into The Ranch and gross, dumb Danny Masterson, characters in sitcoms laughing is weird, will Shawn ever know peace?, don't watch Wild Beasts, Italian horror films, knife slushed, Somebody Quiz Me: Queer Eye Edition!

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