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Episode 96: Where the Roses Don't Fade

Shawn is amped up and Danny is outta his sarcophaghost and they're ready to give YOU the goods! / Dealing with stress / Shawn's idiot medical boot / Shawn's Hot Cake: Profoundly.me is SOOOO embarrassing and also a plague and Shawn hates it / Nostalgia about MySpace and Blockbuster / Didjanu: Taxes are stupid / Shawn learns about City Taxes / Waaaay too much “gun talk” / Actual Shawn Green Social Media Quote or Alan Jackson Lyric / Shawn is faced with his most cringeoid, embarrassing social media post of his online life / Shawn and Danny are SOOOO over Star Wars / The Joker / Game Gorner / Bethesdo Presents Early Access Older Scrollz: Blades expert review / Shawn is #McWoke / James Brubaker what is “virtue signaling” / “Cracks” - a weird, upsetting, and haunted Sesame Street animation from the 1970s / Julie joins to talk about the strangeness that is “Dot and the Kangaroo” / Tom Raper's RV's name change / Mystery voicemail / Richlife voicemail / Ben Shapiro has gross, small, teeths/ AFK / Return to Innocence

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Episode 43: Vintage Mummies

Shawn and Danny kickin' it fun ways! Danny turns over a new leaf, Shawn's gotta get to Disney World, Shawn does NOT have a bee in his bonnet, Cheetahs update, sea monkeys, how was your Easter?, It's A Jeep Thing, McHammer, Uncle Lou has laryngitis, Rate My Tweets, Serial Kill Watch update, candy talk, egg talk, bus talk, Danny makes threats, Howie Mandel, Millionaire Matchmaker is gross, being over Star Wars, Jumanji lessons, Watch the Spaghetti Joseph, Kevin Hart, Mad Max, Stuniverse, enough with The Big Lebowski, James calls us idiots because of Roseanne, Danny was soooo wrong, Danny's bad with dates

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Episode 38: Strong Bad Milkshake Man

Greg Nichols finally joins the roster of HWOK characters! The STRUCTURE is at full mast! We talk about it ALL: tax season, Statue of Liberty, sign spinning, Shawn is very sick, Crazy Frog, in vitro meat, playing god, baby Jesus' crippled lamb, Greg can't stay close to the mic, Dirt Country Concert, jean shorts, breaking chairs, Serial killer Watch, cops, Greg's new job jitters, Fazoli's, The Wanderers, The Warriors, Get Out, video game talk, Puppet Master, Shawn tries to talk about Gribblerz with everyone, but Danny insists on doing a bit so we don't, Shane Green, Greg's weird head problem, Star Wars action figure market, boring guitar talk

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Episode 37: Real Life Reece Witherspoon

Introducing our new show structure which we adhere to it perfectly! Dayton Ohio politician EXPOSED, new national anthem, Chubby Checker, Special Guest: Uncle Lou, Billy Graham is dead, Nixon, Shawn's mom scolds him on Facebook, high school talk, Blue, Final Fantasy is dumb, famous blind people, Casey Cam, Guy Fieri jokes are hack, Stuniverse with Stu Charno, weed VS booze, Baskets, Zach Galifianakis, Louie Anderson, Seven Minutes in Terrible Heaven, The Imposter, we announce the Official halfwayokay Star Wars Episode I Touched By A Grandfather Action Figure Sweepstakes Contest WINNER!!