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Episode 98: Teatime for Severed Heads

Welcome to level 98! / A magic wizard Freaky Fridays Shawn and Danny!? / Door Dash stories / Is is is is is / Shawn Gree'z Greenbeanz Adventurez / Real NFL tolk / Juicy Knocks / Didjinu / Gettin' Dark / The Freaky Friday bit lasts 17 minutes / Shawn tries out white slang / Giving up social media for lent / Shawn's tax update / Another five star iTombs review! / #PleaseFindIan / Big Danny's VHS Hauls / Danny's datin' / Are the California Raisins racist? / More Shawn's open mic stand up workshops / Donald Trump / Stand up comedian Nimesh Patel kicked off of stage for a joke / Danny Fastpaws presents his new segment: Sott Topic / Shawn's statue that's NOT racist / Art taught in college? / Should kids have to be vaccinated? / Legalize child labor?? / Shawn explains the United Nations A.K.A. UN / Drivin' in the Rain with Dr. James Brubaker: Decaf Coffee / Zhawn'z Zuggestionz (PEN15 on Hulu and Tux and Fanny on Instagram / Danny and Shawn engage in a 90s duel A.K.A. more loud singing (sorry) / Danny's weightless journey / DDP Yoga / BANG!

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Episode 41: Get Con'd

Naked LOL, blood, shoving your muscular body through a small hole of glass, April Fool-em-Ups, Thirteen Ghosts, the old halfwayokay videos, Giovanni Ribisi, macaroni, Danny's embarrassing medical condition, hobby grade Furbies, Pokémon, Fazoli's ad thank you so muchly Fazoli's, Shawn Mencia, Shawn Talks Movie Films, Encino Man rating system, Three Billboards, Giovanni Ribisi, Shape of Water, Annihilation, Fit Finlay, Dragon Ball Z, Ladybird, Sylvio, Jeff Who Lives At Home, Shawn tries to establish a media exchange with his good friend Danny but Danny is a baby about it, Little Women LA, Sneaky Pete, That Thing You Do, Giovanni Ribisi, Danny the Conman, Official halfwayokay ConContest, Death Saw, Congo voicemails, Stephen Hawking Conspiracy, Stuniverse, Night Court D&D, breaking the electric chair, Giovanni Ribisi

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