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Episode 97: Little Dicky and the Georges

The lovely Julie Metz (Danny's cohost) is back! / This episode starts out kinda stilted and weird, but soon gets a flowin' and normal! / Shawn's tax evasion update / Shawn's Instagram spam scam continues / Shawn finally admits that The Office is way worse after Michael Scott leaves / Will Ferrell is The Office George Lucas / Faruza Balk (boner noise) / Shawn was accosted or his political free speech beliefs / Shawn's killer, long-form, workplace joke finally takes purchase (cha-ching!!) / Julie's McDonald's Corner / “liquid sugar” / Metz-Green White People Encounters / Kid Julie sad stories / Shawn and Julie are VERY concerned by the Punisher-Trump bumper stickers / Danny talks about boring football / Shawn gets a toy monkey / Shawn reveals the secret origins of why he hates American football / Footballman Andrew Luck listens to halfwayokay?? / Didjanu / 2019 halfwayokay Video Roulette Draft / Introducing George McVlog / Littledickysez / James “The Professor” Brubaker calls in to tell us about “Virtue Singling” / A mysterious call from the REAL Tom Raper!! /

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