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Episode 40: The Payload

Reka Juhasz brings weird Hungarian birthday music, bull dogs, Olympic Gold Coins, driving and grocery shopping safety, Stephen Hawking R.I.P., Aerosmith, Big Bob's Flooring Outlet, Savannah Soldier Smoochin, A Buffy Reboot??, being irky about words, Shawn defends Angel/Lorne, jean jacket/Cheetahs update, Instagram photography talk, Danny's edgy and apathetic view of politics, Bubble Tubble Jean Jacket Jam, cultural appropriation, Kinder Eggs USA, we eat candy on the air and for some reason think that's acceptable content (sorry), Shawn's open mic joke workshop update, Congo is a bad movie, All That or I Don't Know 'bout That, Maybe Listener Chris leave a boring voicemail, Inception is a bad movie, Predator or Prey, embarrassing junior high romance, Sarah Payload

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