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Episode 88: Shirts Off, Boyz!!

Anna Elaine is on the show runnin' bits! / Shawn is bullied against / Shawn is jealous of other Dayton Ohio podcasts / Poor Shawn is ganged up on in his own home / Danny and Anna say some off color things / Social media tips / Danny is watching The Simple Life now / Official halfwayokay Rhyme-It-Up Rodeo Poetry Slamboree / Every Boomer believes in aliens / Danny and Anna are NOT very progressive / Time out antics / Anna presents her own homebrewed “Which Coach Character Are You?” quiz / Video Roulette / A YouTube lump fat shames people at Walmart / Sonic and Yoshi eat Wario!? / The Yoohoo Cyclops / More videos that don't play well as audio / Perter Griffin goes to Subway / Anna Elaine's kooky neighborhood / Funny Phil and the Recorder Kidz / Shawn always liked the Good Burger movie / Valentine gifts recap / Shawn educates Danny about homophobia / Love ya, bitch


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