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Episode 86: Hear Me Now, You Warrior Lords

Clip clip clip everyone!! / Horrible Bosses talk! / Crazy Minions lady and God / Danny thinks is cool to not like Jason Bateman, Arrested Development and other things everyone else likes / Shawn's not TOO quirky for Danny / Shawn retires the Dog Song R.I.P. / Danny IS into ClickHole so ya know super original / halfwayokay Game Gorner / Elastica / Wargroove / The Resident Evil 2 remake is too hard and scary for Shawn / Why does Steam have trading cards!? / Monster Rancher Advance 2 is WEIRD / Bone News / halfwayokay Video Showcase / 1986 Cleveland Browns "Masters Of The Gridiron" / Shawn Green Pleased-O-Meter / A voicemail from Jimmy Sivilian / Happy Birthday Philip Zarina!! / The Ian's Hinden Pick Your Own Adventure Voicemail!!


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