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Episode 115: Proto Minkus

Shawn and Danny are respecting the dead! / Mario Lopez's waxy stage / Shawn's pants discovery / Football Newz: Bye Footballman Andrew Lucks / Listener Checkup / Girlfriend Gripes! / R.I.P. Blues Traveler's Fake Paul Reiser / Danny DeVito shoulda been in Mad About You / B.U.Z.Z. Cord Hijinx / Cincinnati Brew Ha-Ha / Dave Chappelle's fantastic show that Shawn didn't go to / halfwayokay doesn't stand for posers / Kanye West VS Jay-Z VS The Fat Boys / Shawn tries to get through a simple story but Danny does his interrupting thing, frustrating poor Shawn so Shawn demands a Seven Minutes in Terrible Heaven / Jay Mohr sucks so bad / Danny brings up Titus again / Shawn Gree's Video Showcase: “Where's Rodney?” / What's the deal with Dick Tracy?? / David Berkowitz gets no respect! / Shawn remembers “Piggsburg Pigs” / It's not a Harry Potter shirt

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