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Episode 39: Silli Vanilli and the Limp Bizkit Picnic

Shawn and Danny can't stop! We cover smart animals, worshiping elephants, Christianity, workshoping Shawn's open mic comedy set, grandpa behind the seams, Battle Beasts, Crossfire, Dogmen, Adena culture, giant cats, wolves, Strangers: Prey At Night, don't eat at Fazoli's, The Cheetahs, denim jackets, Danny doesn't listen, Shawn's poor self image, Macy's is awful, Julie body shames Shawn, Serial Killer Watch Update, Pauline Dakin

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Episode 29: Tapestry of Madness

Comedian Ryan Singer joins BT and V for our most incoherent episode yet! Rich Little, Little Richard, lying, the great fall, Hollywood sex criminals, Flowerama, country music, improv, The Wonderland Express, Greg Nichols, Lowes, LA talk, The Ranch, Shawn gets judgy about people who belive in the paranormal, aliens, UFOs, bigfoot, reptilians, vampires, wolfman, shadow people, Charlie Brown, djinn, pukwudgie, Free Masons

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