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Episode 83: The Butterfly Effect Effect

How ya doin' ya buncha HalfWaynes, and OhKaties out there! / Issues with LEGO Customer Service / We're doing slashes with our liner notes now instead of commas / The LEGO Movie was a very good movie / Return to Bird Court / The listeners fail to assign a proper punishment for Shawn Green (thanks!!) / Whojachu / Edward Joel Kowalczyk / The Butterfly Effect / Are the slashes weird?? Should we go back to commas? / Didjanu / Mary and I watched Howard the Duck and Casual Sex? / Ethan and Evan are the same name / Millennials aren't impressed by people doing funny voices / Dave Coulier / Shawn and Danny are OBSESSED with Fox's The Masked Singer / Fox reality shows are the worst / MasterChef is the worst / Return of the Obra Dinn is GREAT! / Shawn is not the best detective / Nobody wants to play The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords with Shawn / Danny is into Planet of the Apes now I guess whatever


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